friday archive dive

thanks to everyone who shared last week. me, i’m getting ready for a little celebration this weekend which may involve some angry bird cupcakes. aww hee hee haw! snortsnort…

angry bird green pig cupcake

{ green pigs made, other characters to come }

you know what to do…share an old blog post on the theme below, visit others who’ve done the same. use the button on the right (that’s me, in the swimcap and fetching bathing suit) to help spread the word.

have a great weekend everyone!

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9 Responses to friday archive dive

  1. 'Joyce' says:

    oh my gosh, you are back. Hullo dear Ana! It’s so wonderful to see you back with archive dive. lol. I must admist I have also been absent from blogland with so much happening here, and the weather warming etc etc. Alas, I have 3 hooked on angry birds here at our place, I have nothing of the like to share from memory, so will browse other’s entries instead. So loving those cupcakes, got the giggles and will have to show my little ones when they wake tomorrow. They will love them. Happy weekending at your place.

  2. Amanda says:

    this is great! My husband loves angry birds and projects that go with them :)

  3. well mine’s about a bird and whilst not angry it may have been a bit miffed at being distrubed. i had no picture on my actual post and i think it sent things a little screwy but the link works.

    note to self – read posts fully in future before trying to ‘see’ angry birds in green pigs! ;S

  4. Nel says:

    I don’t have an angry birds related post but your little cupcakes are gorgeous! Have a lovely weekend x

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