just got back from the made by hand show

i literally just stepped in and am about to step out again, but i wanted to share that i just visited the made by hand show. it was the first year of the show, there was a big turnout and there were some interesting and new (to me) vendors of handmade goods. if you get a chance to go, it’s open til 7pm tonight! (admission is a dollar, free with a flyer, so really… don’t let that stop you. free parking too.) i’m sure i’ll share more about what i got, but it was just nice to get out and meet other creatives, and to finally meet sarah and jenn in person!

made by hand show

{ left to right: myself, sarah and jenn … you might know them from canadian+handmade }

if i met you at your booth, drop me a line below and let me know you came by! feel free to link up your business or shop :-)


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21 Responses to just got back from the made by hand show

  1. beetree says:

    Cute picture! Sounds amazing, especially with free admission- can’t wait to see what you got! It’s always so much nicer to browse in real life than on the computer. :)

  2. Sarah (mrsgryphon) says:

    Look at you, home and posting right away! Hope you enjoyed the rest of your day with the family! Great to meet you, too, and glad you remembered to get a picture :)

  3. Great Pic – So pleased you had a great time at the ’11 Made by Hand Show – Be sure to join our mailing list so I can let you know of 2012 dates (announcing soon!) – Thanks so much for showing your support and writing a nice piece.
    So greatly appreciated.

  4. Thanks for stopping by the show and my table (thunderpeep designs) and for striking up a chat. Love your blog :)

  5. Jess says:

    I’m so glad you went! :)

  6. e l l a says:

    Cool! I just wish I knew sooner ;(
    I’m sure you had loads of fun – can’t wait to see what you got.

  7. Melissa says:

    It was great meeting you at the show! Thanks for stopping by my booth!
    Cute blog!

    • imadeitso says:

      cool! i like this line at the end…

      “Facility manager Dr Brett Gartrell said the rehabilitation centre has now received enough jumpers and no more were needed.”

      knitters can be an industrious bunch that rise to the occasion as needed. i can just see the facility getting buried in all these penguin jammies! :)

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  9. Kathy says:

    You came by my booth and we had a little chat. You said, “oh, I’m just a blogger.”
    Apparently you are much more. Your site looks fabulous and I will definitely be watching for more blogs to come.

  10. ~*~Patty says:

    three cute and happy shoppers!

    I am enjoying playing catchup with you Ana…missed alot being unplugged on our travels

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