here’s what i got at the show

here are the things i got at the made by hand show.

some mitten clips…

mitten clips

{ by gotcha covered baby }

i harassed the poor lady about these clips, making sure they were stainless steel. the ones i bought last year (from a local children’s store) ended up rusting onto the coat sleeves and making the clips unusable and wrecking the jackets. i was assured these would be fine.

an eye-spy toy by critter creations (no website)…

you might have seen these. it’s a small enclosed pouch that holds a variety of objects of different sizes, hidden within the styrofoam beads.

there is a window through which you find the different objects. there is a list of objects to “spy” which are listed on a card that gets stored in the back of the pouch. this was tested by myself, and kids aged 3 to 9 and there was enough variety of objects to keep us all challenged.

and finally, i could not resist these handmade soaps…


{ by madstone soapery }

they smell as delicious as they look.

have you made it out to craft shows in your area? what booths are you drawn towards? are you in any upcoming shows? let me know. it was great to get out and chat with the artisans and i hope to do it again before the holidays.

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4 Responses to here’s what i got at the show

  1. beetree says:

    I love the eye spy! My kids would flip over that. Cute soaps, too- handmade soap is always a nice little luxury that feels like your spoiling yourself just a bit. :)

  2. ~*~Patty says:

    OK you’ll think me whacky but I am drooling over the description of the rusty clips…that is the kind of thing friends and I are on the lookout for…in fact a bloggie friend in Missouri sold some in her etsy shop…they make a great vintage hanger for mixed media type creations

    that said I can see why you would like them to stay shiny and rust free…very cute and handy!

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