friday archive dive!

friday archive dive

i’ve been thinking about all the cool connections i’ve made since the time i started this blog. i remember being surprised quite early on by just how many people pass through here. remember all those names?

200 posts

{ 200th post }

and i’ve written recently about meeting up with other bloggers and creative folk. i wouldn’t say i’m that typical, reclusive type who hides behind a computer screen, but i wouldn’t say i’m an extrovert either.  i will say that it’s been nice to step out from behind the keyboard and share ideas and inspiration with others. i suspect this will happen more often as the kids get older and some of the hours of the day become my own time again.  i look forward to that, but i am also enjoying all that this (this behind the keyboard blogging thing) allows me to do.

thanks for being here.

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3 Responses to friday archive dive!

  1. e l l a says:

    that’s the reason I blog – it’s all for the connections – if it was just sending messages to cyber space I wouldn’t be doing it ;)
    People here (in blog land) are a huge part of my life ;)
    Just today I came across a youtube video of Angry Birds – and I thought of you Ana ;) lol

    ps. i was hesitant about the post I’m attaching – but hey – it’s about connecting that made me write it….
    have a great weekend!

  2. Van says:

    What a cute archive dive! I must join in as well :) Even though it’s late! In today’s post I write about several connections I’ve made through yard sale hunting and hosting yard sales. I can’t say enough good things about making connections with fellow thrifty/creative people and through blogging in general…

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