works in progress

the last few weeks, we’ve been busy doing some small renovations around here. i say “we” because he called me out last time i took all the credit for our powder room reno. well, all the ideas were mine! (he just did all the hard work, provided skilled labour i sorely lacked, listened to me boss him around…)

by small renovations, i mean those little jobs to spruce up the place. those little glaring things we noticed before we bought this house (ahem, over 6 years ago) which we said we’d get to right away (what! i had 2 more babies in that time span, cut me some slack) but didn’t for various reasons (when you live with a bright and ugly orangey-yellow bathroom for long enough, an amazing thing happens after a few years…you eventually stop getting a headache every time you walk in the room. i think it’s part of the body’s defence mechanism. the colour was pretty hurty. keep reading for photos…).

so what happened to light the fire under me to get things moving around here? well, the possibility of moving came up. and suddenly, i started to see things as a potential buyer. the chipped bathtub was glaring back at me. the peeling ceiling had lost its charm. the rusting bath rails and creeping mold were just a plain old health hazard.

so i — i mean we – got to work. and of course i didn’t take any before photos. because these were little jobs that should have been done a long time ago. they’re little jobs that aren’t very inspiring. but they are little jobs that have been taking up a lot of time. you can’t really see all the work when you look at the “afters…”

bathroom renovation

bathroom renovation, recaulking tub

bathroom renovation

one great little product i will share is this:

porc a fix

it’s called “porc-a-fix” (horribly named, it reminds me of a late night run for a big bacon burger…). it’s for retouching porcelain. there were three glaring chips in our tub where the porcelain had flaked off revealing the black metal underneath. i got this small bottle from the hardware store for about $6. you put a layer on at a time allowing it to dry between layers until the chip is completely covered. just like nail polish. then you take super-fine sandpaper (included with the bottle) and sand over the patch lightly to blend it in with the finish on the tub.  can you see the patch?

porc a fix fixing porcelain bathtub

me neither :-) the only tricky part is finding the right shade. there were about 7 shades of white available. follow the instructions and use it in a well-ventilated space…though the fumes are probably healthier for you than a big bacon burger [this does not constitute medical or sane advice].

as for that migraine-inducing bathroom? well, that’s another work in progress. get your sunglasses on…

bathroom renovation

the pink stuff on the walls is a drywall compound i found which goes on pink and turns white when it’s completely dry and ready to sand. i like it mostly because it feels like you’re playing with bubblegum. i thought mr.madeItSo would make fun of me for getting the pink stuff, but turns out, he thinks it’s cool too. hey, whatever gets the job done right? after all, we’re probably not moving anytime soon. a side effect of working on these little pesky jobs is that it makes you realize how much you love the little home you have.

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16 Responses to works in progress

  1. Sarah (mrsgryphon) says:

    Oh, it’s so true how getting those little jobs done can make you appreciate your current space! We lived for 3 years in our last house with kitchen door knobs that we hated (and had noticed on the first walk-through of the house). This time, we made sure those were the first things we changed in this house :)

    Can’t wait to see the finished orangey-yellow bathroom – your last reno looks lovely!

  2. The pink stuff looks fun ;) The bathroom updates look great!

  3. e l l a says:

    Great work Mrs and Mr made it so ;)
    So clean and refreshing – I love it!

    I will now accidentally forward the link to this page for my husband to see in hopes that he moves along with our little things….. there’s a million and a half here.

  4. Abby says:

    looks gorgeous! porc-a-fix *giggle* I think I’d prefer the bacon burger :)

  5. Van says:

    Oh my damn! Amazing work you TWO. Looks BRAND NEW. Thanks for sharing the product and methods with us. You must have put a LOT of hard work into this. I hope to buy a fixer-upper sometime next year, so it’ll be looot of work like this…but without help, unless I can lure some poor boy over ;) And dad and brothers, with promises of pizza or something.

  6. wow! you’ve been busy. i’m very impressed. everything looks great.

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  8. Ann says:

    All of your repairs looks so nice – you definitely might as well stay and enjoy them. :) I LOVE before and afters… can’t wait to see the orange glow transformation too. Porc-a-fix – hilarious!

  9. emily says:

    i JUST re-caulked my tub and really wish i’d known about that porcelain repair product!! shoot. I just slathered the caulk down over it, ha. funny how it goes, the “blindness” that gradually happens when you live someplace and learn to ignore the little things needing fixes. awesome work, you guys! xo

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