friday archive dive!

it’s been getting dark so early. getting light so late. and in between the sky seems moodier than ever. maybe it’s just a reflection of my own feelings. this time of year brings change. the sky is sometimes grey and bleak. other times it’s tinged with teal. a few days ago, it was a shade of purple and pink and orange.

true colours photo of sky at dusk

weather lore predicts… “red sky at night, sailor’s delight…red sky at morning, sailors take warning.” apparently, there is an explanation making this adage true.

we have two birds, one is named sky.

where does the sky begin… from the ground up? from the upper atmosphere down? i guess like many things, it depends on your perspective.

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5 Responses to friday archive dive!

  1. imadeitso says:

    not sure what happened there. the linking tool wasn’t working and the last photo wasn’t showing. it should be all fine now.

    thanks for sharing corey. i remember that fire.

  2. Van says:

    Funny you write about that. I’m jet-lagged here in Japan after the looooongest set of flights of my life. I starred out the window for hours wondering the same thing about the sky, admiring clouds, watching the sun rise and set while flying among them.

    I want to link up but other than using “the sky is the limit” too much on my blog to encourage thrifting, I don’t have a true sky post ;) Maybe I’ll link my $1.00 thrift haul post, truly a “sky is the limit” aspiration!

    Thanks for your comment today, MV team took beautiful photos!

  3. e l l a says:

    I love your bird ;)
    we are thinking of getting a canary soon.
    My post doesn’t really relate to the sky but is the background in a poster I did. “you can do anything but not everything” ~ I love that. I think it’s a good reminder for a lot of women (and moms especially) to not overdo it….
    Hope you’re having a good weekend Ana.

  4. Ann says:

    Aww, beautiful bird, beautiful sky! We had a sunset with those colors recently too, but it was gone in such a flash I almost felt like I imagined it.

  5. ~*~Patty says:

    precious birdie exactly the color of many a lovely sky!

    SO sorry I missed out on this one

    I am a huge fan of the sky
    this time of year I run out the front door repeatedly to capture the amazing sunsets … at times I feel a bit out of control as it is not hard to snap a couple dozen…every few seconds it grows and changes and well you know

    your sky photos are very beautiful Ana!

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