a bowl with a hole

i got this as a gift from mr.madeItSo…

knitting bowl

i know. it looks like a bowl with a crack…

and a hole.

and it’s something i’d probably never buy myself, even if i had known that there existed such a thing, with a crack and a hole intentionally placed just so.

well what is it?

it’s a yarn bowl. better than that, it’s handcrafted pottery made right here in canada by jack dunning of echo river. it’s gorgeous. apparently, he visits our local yarn store once a year and they stock up on his handmade creations.

basically, it’s a decorative weighted bowl to hold your skein or ball of yarn while you knit. there are soft pads underneath to keep it from scratching and slipping. you thread your yarn through the slot, and if you’re working with two different yarns at a time you can thread through the other hole to keep them from tangling.

it looks gorgeous on its own, i love the colours. i’ve said it before…handmade things exude a certain energy. i feel lucky to have this unique piece of pottery in my home.

and the gift was made even nicer because it came filled to the brim with this:

knitting yarn bowl

{ no photo editing done, the baby alpaca yarn is as soft and fluffy as it looks. }

does mr. know me or what? now, what to make what to make…

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22 Responses to a bowl with a hole

  1. Googiemomma says:

    better than 1000 roses….
    says a lot about your mister ;)

  2. heather says:

    you lucky duck! :) i hinted about this to my mr. :) but i think he was overwhelmed (as i am) at all the choices…if you look on etsy…you’ll see LOADS!! they are beautiful!! :) can’t wait to see what you turn that lovely alpaca into:)

  3. Sheri says:

    That’s lovely. I’d never heard of such a thing either.
    And what a thoughtful Mr.

  4. Sarah (mrsgryphon) says:

    As a new knitter, I didn’t know anything about knitting bowls until last week! What a lovely little piece of handmade goodness – I wonder why all potters don’t have one of these for sale in their collections?!

  5. Iseult says:

    I LOVE that! What a guy!

  6. Tara Benwell says:

    So cool. I would never have guessed what it was for. The teacher in me can’t help thinking this would be a good guessing game for my language learners.

  7. Maria says:

    It is beautifully in its simplicity and function. How wonderful that your hubby sees and attends to what makes you happy. It is such a blessing when our other half pays close attention to who we are.

    Enjoy it and let creativity flow :-)

    Thank you for stopping by the cottage…it is ‘nice’ to meet you :-)


  8. Andrea says:

    I have some of that alpaca yarn. It’s delightful. Can’t decide what to make with it. A yarn bowl is definitely in my future!

  9. Cassy says:

    I recently bought myself a yarn bowl from a local artist. I looooove it and use it all the time. The Mr. picked a lovely one for you!

  10. beetree says:

    What a gorgeous bowl! And such a sweet and thoughtful gift- those are the best kind. You have a wonderful husband- definitely a blessing! :)

  11. beetree says:

    P.S. I got my potholders- yay! When he saw them, my husband said, “Wow- those bring back lots of memories!” Seems we both grew up with those in our kitchens. :) Thank you- they’re great!

  12. emily says:

    wow, this is awesome! i never would have figured out what that bowl was for without an explanation! xo

  13. Dvora says:

    He totally does. How beautiful… both the bowl and the yarn. :)

  14. Ali says:

    That’s beautiful! I’m so jealous. My husband would never buy me a bowl because he thinks we own too many as it is …

  15. Ann says:

    Now that is just gorgeous – and so useful. What a winning combination. Props to the hub!

  16. ~*~ Patty says:

    your Mr is quite a guy!

    what a unique piece of pottery and so useful too
    Love it!
    AND he filled it with wool
    too sweet and thoughtful :)

  17. Van says:

    That is BEAUTIFUL, and clever. I never could have thought of that!

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