when others hunt down pyrex for me

this weekend, i was given two pieces of vintage pyrex. first (excuse the upside bowl, it shows the pattern better)…

pyrex promotional embroidery blue and white cinderella bowl

{ “embroidery” promotional pattern, size 443 (2.5 qt) cinderella bowl } 

“cinderella” is the name given to the nesting bowls with a lip/handle on each side, to differentiate them from the usual circular nesting bowls. i like the lip on them, it makes the bowls easier to hold onto when mixing or carrying, and they serve as a spout for pouring out batter and such.

embroidery pyrex cinderella bowl detail

{ white on blue detail, in beautiful condition. eat your heart out, snobby wedgwood! }

and second…

vintage pyrex tea pot glass

{ glass pyrex tea pot 8446b, made in usa, 6 cup capacity } 

i’ve been looking for the thick glass pyrex coffee pot to use for tea and haven’t had much luck. i didn’t realize there was a tea pot. this one is perfect.

if you’re fairly new to this blog, you might want to check out my 14 reasons i love vintage pyrex to understand my obsession devotion collection a little better. and also, i wrote a guest post all about making the perfect pot of tea, on my girl thursday’s blog, here. (the cute little yellow teapot you see in that post has since broken, sadly. hence my search for the replacement teapot, above.)

p.s. thanks mom!

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18 Responses to when others hunt down pyrex for me

  1. Celeste A. says:

    I love collecting and using my Pyrex. It is not uncommon for me to bring back bowls in my suitcase following a trip to visit the in-laws.
    A friend who knows I love it actually found a gravy boat set in her vacation travels and brought it back for me. I think she was more excited to give it to me.

  2. Alyssa says:

    Oh my goodness, the embroidery pattern is dreamy!

  3. Maria says:

    What a terrific find! especially the teapot. Perfect :-)

  4. 'Joyce' says:

    Hullo Ana, oh your find is beautiful. I love this pretty aqua blue ? colour ? I would love a skirt in this colour with that pretty white embroidery print all over it. I also love your pottery yarn bowl. What a brilliant idea, and yes, knowing you have a unique handmade item is extra special.

  5. ~*~ Patty says:

    Pretty Pyrex pieces…how special to have friends looking out for you too!

    I am enjoying your new header…the Persian Pickle really speaks to me and the snow and the well you know…. ;)


  6. heather says:

    love the teapot! now i want some tea:) and reading your guest blog helped too:) hehe:) i’ve been searching for the perfect teapot for a long time and still haven’t found one…but i think i may take a look online today:)

  7. Van says:

    Love these! Especially that glass pyrex tea pot…perfect for when I want to SEE the color of my loose leaf tea like the true tea nerd I am. I enjoyed reading your guest post, too. I’ve been meaning to do some Tea How-Tos and Recipes and liked learning your method. (And learning something new, had never heard of a “Samovar”)

    Truly gorgeous tea set too, sorry your broke your pot. I’m super clumsy and although I’ve broken stuff to sell, somehow I’ve avoided breaking my favorite tea pots…for now…

  8. e l l a says:

    Beautiful ;) that is one happy print and the teapot is “awesome” ;)
    I remember once, I even hunted for some pyrex for ya girl ;)
    See, how the world cares. *hugs*

  9. SixBalloons says:

    Swoon. Embroidery is definitely on my short list of wants.

  10. thursday says:

    For a moment I thought you had the Cinderella chip and dip set and I got so excited. I found the big bowl a while back at a Vinnies and paid a big $7 for it. This was when I thought I’d start collecting a little Pyrex for myself. Although I’ve given up that dress I am still madly in love with that bowl.

    I’m glad you found the teapot you’ve been dreaming of (but never new existed). It’s a pretty one! I have a double boiler in a similar style and it’s one of my best kitchen friends.

  11. that cinderella bowl is gorgeous :)

  12. oh these are beautiful pieces. what a great addition to your collection.

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