more tiny sketches

my subject matter tends to focus on people. mostly of people waiting. it’s not surprising, because i tend to pull out my sketchbook when i’m doing the same thing… waiting for an appointment, waiting for a lesson to end. when i am waiting, i sometimes pull out my knitting or a book. sometimes i just people watch.  sometimes i sketch them. i hope they don’t mind…

sketching people

the sketches are tiny. smaller than a penny each usually. my favourites are of people reading. i have a lot of tiny readers in my moleskine.

tiny sketch reading

you can see more sketches of people waiting, here.

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17 Responses to more tiny sketches

  1. Abby says:

    oh i love the girl(?) reading, you really capture emotion in a teeny amount of strokes. I’ve loved your past Banners with the woman and leaves, etc. I’m guessing you did those too?

  2. Love the tiny sketches, can’t believe so much in such a small space.

    • imadeitso says:

      thanks victoria. you’d think i’d be used to it, but it still surprises me how a little curve or a slight tilt in a line can change an expression and the feel of everything, in such a small space.

  3. Maria says:

    I really like these…thank you for sharing :-)

  4. Sheri says:

    I love the tiny reader too.

  5. Tara Benwell says:

    You can come and draw on my walls any time! It’s so hard to imagine the true size of your sketches. I want to see them in real life. I may have mentioned your little sketches over here: If you or any of your creative folk would like to help beautify my quote collection, let me know. I’m gradually moving some of my quote collection online.

    • imadeitso says:

      cool tara, i’ll keep that in mind about the quotations. is it just writing-related ones you’re looking for?

      also, if you click here, you can see similar sketches on a page, with a penny in the corner for scale :)

  6. heather says:

    you are so multi-talented; these sketches are incredibly adorable:)

  7. 'Joyce' says:

    I am with Heather, your sketches are just beautiful. Oh to have such talent to just sit and pull out your sketchpad and draw away. Would love you to come to our bus stop one day, or sit in the park with me. I would love to watch your art come to life right before my eyes. Have a wonderful weekend.

    • imadeitso says:

      ooo i don’t think that would work out. i’m so self-conscious about being watched doing anything like drawing or writing when i’m in the middle of it. i’ll sit in the park with you no problem, that’d be lovely! but just don’t look over my shoulder, k? i’ll likely snap my book shut and create all kinds of awkward ;)

  8. Van says:

    These are so pretty, and I love that they’re tiny! Damn, reminds me that I had it on my to-do list to get back to drawing! Gotta work out some designs today!

  9. Tara Benwell says:

    They ARE tiny! It’s so fun to see them next to the penny. Re the quotes. Many are related to writing, but there are other topics such as “life”, “people”, “spirit”. I have them all categorized, and will have to add new categories as I go through all of my notebooks. I think it will be a forever work in progress, but it will eventually save me time searching for specific quotes that I knew I jotted down. :) Feel free to donate any of your people or doodles to a quote that you see on the site. Cheers!

  10. ~*~ Patty says:

    so tiny and so wonderful Ana!

    sketching every day is what I need to do…I am just learning

    Happy Weekend to you and yours!

  11. e l l a says:

    Adorable ;) you make me think of Jack Johnson’s song “people watching” ;)

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