valentine’s day sentiments…knitterly version

i had a bit of fun making these. v-day can be painful for some but i hope these help a little. you know, just doing my part for humanity…

feel free to spread the love (right click and save to send for your own personal use).

knit you something


happy valentine's day bigfoot knitting

~*~ewe make me blush valentine


true friends let friends have yarn

for more, see sheep illustrated.

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7 Responses to valentine’s day sentiments…knitterly version

  1. heather says:

    cute and funny! great job:)

  2. e l l a says:

    LOL – love’em ;)

  3. ahhhhh i LOVE these. you should transform them into postcards. and then mail them to every last person you have ever met. and maybe even strangers.

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