pressing pause

i’ve written before about pressing pause. stopping everything and letting the moment sink in. closing my eyes and trying to take a photo of it with my mind. it’s so fleeting. i’ve tried writing and re-writing my thoughts here, but i can’t seem to do it without sounding sentimental. it sneaks in. forgive me.

my littlest will be in school come september. the days filled with these moments are slipping away faster than i can hold onto them, and all i have left to show for it are a sink full of dishes, a slightly quieter blog, and a cotton line pegged full with paintings we’ve made, hanging there to dry.

who knew watching paint dry would be so bittersweet.

watching paint dry

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4 Responses to pressing pause

  1. beetree says:

    Oh, you’re gonna make me cry, Ana! (Dang hormones!) Just tonight my 7 year old took out her art folder and started taking old drawings and paintings out to make room for new ones. I quickly told her to put them back- she can have a new folder, but we want to keep her old ones. Looking through her folder with her was fun and sad- the little pictures of firsts- first stick person, first sun, first flowers with smiley faces. They get big waaay too quickly. What a blessing children are! So good for you- taking time to soak it all in. I love your girl’s painting- definitely a keeper. ;)

  2. Debbie Rondinelli says:

    I think the answer is simple for that empty house next fall….have more babies!!! xo

  3. Beth Holt says:

    who knew watching paint dry would be so bittersweet. Classic.

  4. googiemomma says:

    um HELLO! i second debbie up there! more babies!
    seriously though…i dread the day my baby heads off to school. i know it’s going to be–as you said–a very, very bittersweet moment. free at last, but all alone.
    enjoy these days.
    it’s amazing how we look down at their little newborn faces and school age seems so very far away…but when they’re off on that first day with their brand new backpacks and sneakers you realize how short that time truly is.

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