sure signs of spring

hello spring! it’s the *vernal equinox today, and though we’ve had a very mild winter which has felt a bit like spring anyways, there are some sure signs that the season is here. of course, this is canada, and mother nature reserves the right to squash all this emerging life with a blizzard in may. but ’til then, i’m enjoying all that spring will bring.

*vernal equinox is derived from the latin ver which means “spring.” i had to look that up.

we’ve had quite a lot of visitors in our yard, including a saw-whet owl, jack rabbits, robins and cardinals. for the first time ever, we had a red-tailed hawk come by, and though the photo is fuzzy (i really want a telescopic lens for moments like these…and a camera on which to mount one), you can just make out that it has a rodent in its talons.

other sure signs of spring…

{ tulips }

{ new (light green) leaves on the topiaries }

{ raking, raking, playing }

{ rolling up the rim ;-) }

another sure sign? i put away my knitting needles. i just don’t have the same itch to knit when the temperatures start to go above zero. but i am doing one more knitting-related thing… a guest post for someone who visits here and asked me really nicely. (well that’s not true. technically, she was rather demanding and said something about me owing her “big time.” now that i think of it, she was a bit red-tail hawkish about the whole thing! ;-))  that’s coming soon.

what’s a sure sign of spring where you are?

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9 Responses to sure signs of spring

  1. Tara Benwell says:

    The neighbourhood kids all came to play inside yesterday after school because they all had sunburns from the weekend. A sure sign of spring is when moms forget to dig out the sunscreen. We are so blessed with this weather!

    PS-I’m glad I can’t see that rodent in the photo. I saw a mouse in my front yard this weekend and I’m still recovering.

  2. beetree says:

    Our kitchen decor has made a switch to bright, happy colors. And I have an urge to gut a few rooms and get rid of clutter. Spring cleaning is the best!

  3. Shannon says:

    such unfounded accusations! i’m hardly ever less than nice. ;)

  4. heather says:

    here in germany there is no more snow:) and all the kids are outside playing until dinner time, that is our sign of spring:) plus i can walk my dog and not freeze to death:) now if only this baby would come then i could be more comfortable while walking:) oh, and the sun is finally shining! yay!! we miss the sun here for too many months at a time during winter.

  5. ~*~ Patty says:

    a sure sign of Spring = WEEDS!
    along with a fabulous parade of colors…our Redbud trees and so much more are really showing off just now…
    Spring is always most welcome and I so enjoy having windows and doors open too

    Love your signs of Spring dear Ana!

    Super hawk photo…
    we get a big thrill whenever we see one and tried to get some pix recently…unfortunately our big lens was at home

    Happiest of Springtime’s to you and yours

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