worst photo ever: those socks

remember those socks i couldn’t share because they were a gift? here they are.

hand knit socks hedgerow socks

{details on my ravelry}

i took this photo a bit quickly before wrapping them up. quite possibly the worst photo ever. and also, the socks are the same size. honest.

i’ve made the same socks before. i like the ‘hedgerow’ pattern and texture it creates when worn.

hedgerow socks

for suffering through that first photo, here’s something to clean the palette.

you can read some more of my thoughts on knitting socks here…

knocking my socks off

2-at-a-time socks

interview with melissa morgan-oakes, author and knitter

10 reasons i knit socks

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One Response to worst photo ever: those socks

  1. 'Joyce' says:

    oh Ana, these socks are beautiful.

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