craft magazines, old and new: part 1 of 3

a three part series about craft magazines and things i’ve learned from them. today, i’m sharing a new-to-me magazine, mollie makes, and giving you a glimpse into its pages. join me next time for a step back in time when i highlight a rare canadian craft magazine which is no longer in print. and finally, i’ll reveal how stumbling across a term in one of these magazines helped solve a riddle on an old vintage find!

part 1 of 3: a new craft magazine

someone i know recently visited london, and brought me back a magazine.

mollie makes magazine

{ thanks c! you kinda know me, eh? }

i’d never heard of mollie makes, but when i saw the spine, i knew it was for me…

mollie makes magazine spine

{ you had me at thrifting. dreamy sigh. }

mollie makes was launched in the UK in may 2011. it is filled with projects. as in, actual projects, patterns, templates, and things you can make. not just writing about this or that pattern available for purchase elsewhere. my copy even came with everything needed to create an adorable babushka key chain.

babushka key ring craft kit mollie makes

{ cue kate bush. }

there are interviews, house tours…

mollie makes house tour magazine

and handy tips and ideas sprinkled throughout.

mollie makes magazine tips stitch in the ditch

i don’t know when i’ll be able to get my hands on another issue of mollie makes here in canada. limited copies are shipped internationally, and there is a list here of where you can purchase one. in the meantime, i’ll be reading their blog.

full disclosure: i am in no way affiliated with mollie makes and was not compensated for gushing as i just did. i would absolutely love it if they’d send me a copy to write about in the future. not that i’m hinting or anything. ok, i’m totally hinting.

join me next time for part 2 when i let you have a peek inside an old canadian craft magazine. it’s a real time capsule for all things handmade.

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9 Responses to craft magazines, old and new: part 1 of 3

  1. Corey says:

    I’ve been following the Mollie Makes blog since it came about. It doesn’t update itself on my blogroll so i have to check it without that reminder. I adore it so far and would love a subscription. Maybe we could share one!

  2. beetree says:

    Ooooooh…off to drool! Thanks for the link (and yet ANOTHER obsession!). ;)

  3. Estivalia says:

    Ooh, I’m so checking out that blog, thanks for sharing! :)
    I love craft magazines, sadly, the selection here is poor (as they have to be in spanish)

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  5. ~*~ Patty says:

    fun reading your ‘then’ and ‘now’ craft magazine posts!

    Mollie Makes has been causing quite a stir…it’s fun that they always attach a little project on the cover too

    “Hands” magazine seems a real treasure…how can it be a blast from the past…already! ;)

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