babushka keychain

the other night, i made that little babushka keychain from the kit that came with the mollie makes magazine i received as a gift.

mollie makes babushka keychain

the kit came with the materials needed to make the keychain, and the pattern and instructions were provided in the magazine. if you’d like to make this yourself, you can find the pattern for your personal (non-commercial) use through the mollie makes website here.

i didn’t want to cut the pattern pieces out of the magazine, and i normally use tracing paper or thin non-fusible interfacing to copy templates. but since my craft space is basically the laundry room, i came across a used dryer sheet and it worked perfectly for tracing. it was just the right size for this small project, and i used a sharpie to trace it out.

{ if you’re concerned about markers bleeding through, use another writing implement. }

armed with my supplies and a cup of tea, this was a great little project for a quiet evening in front of the t.v.

{ until now, i never realized a spool of thread looks like a radioactive symbol. huh. }

all stitched up, babushka lasted on the little shelf for only a few moments. she now resides in my daughter’s room.

funny aside… the last couple of days, the kids were arguing about a piece of sticky tack. we’ve had a few sticky tack mishaps (where it was mashed into the carpet/clothing etc.) so i’ve pretty much banned this stuff. ditto glitter. anyway, a tiny piece of this prohibited substance had been smuggled home by one of them (the culprit did confess to me before bringing it inside), and i overheard them arguing about where it was and who had it last. they couldn’t find it anywhere. one of them was freaking out that “mom’s gonna get so mad!” and so on. (i don’t know why they’d ever think that, i’m always perfectly calm. my blog. my fantasy.)  the funny thing is, i just found the sticky tack’s hiding place as i was posting the photo above. it’s stuffed into one of the holes in the plant pot. see it? hehehe.


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7 Responses to babushka keychain

  1. Tara Benwell says:

    Love this! And I adore the story about the sticky tack. Our tooth fairy brings glitter with her quarters and it is everywhere, even in my taxes files (I must admit the glitter did make doing my taxes a little more magical this year.) But, as of today I’m banning feather boas!

    • imadeitso says:

      if anything makes taxes truly magical let me know and i’ll buy it in bulk. i can’t imagine anything doing that really, other than a good sprinkling of accountants with reasonable fees.

  2. beetree says:

    The babushka is sooo cute! And so funny that you found the offending substance where you did. Contraband in our house consists of silly putty and any flarp-type substance. I love that you are always calm, Ana! ;)

  3. ~*~ Patty says:

    what a darling creation…I have a little wooden Matroshyska (sp?) collection

    fun having lap work and your kids are funny

  4. becclebee says:

    your babushka is soo cute! No wonder she was adopted by your daughter!

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