cornflower candlewick vase – and happy mother’s day

i couldn’t believe my luck when i came across a candlewick vase with cornflower etching (i wrote about candlewick here). i’ve always kept an eye out for candlewick because my mum-in-law has a collection of the glasses, but the only other time i’d seen this vase was in an antique store — at an antique store price. i knew i wanted to give this to her for mother’s day. i love the tapered bobbles on the sides, and the 1920’s art-deco (though it’s not) flare of it.

cornflower candlewick vase

you can just barely make out the cornflower etching below the bobbled rim.

~ * ~

it’s a beautiful sunny friday here, and i hope it carries through the weekend as i spend time with my little ones, who are getting not-so-little so quickly. just a few minutes ago as i sat down to check my email, i received a sweet message that reminded me just how lucky i am to be a mom. i hope that’s you’re lucky enough too to have wonderful children and mothers in your lives. i’ve got both and this mother’s day and every day, that’s the greatest gift i could have.

candlewick vase

happy mother’s day, happy weekend all.

(oh, and sentimental stuff aside, i’m so totally milking it on sunday — feet up, not cookin’ or cleanin’, making obnoxious demands for various difficult to make drinks and meals, the whole deal! ;-) have a good one!)

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7 Responses to cornflower candlewick vase – and happy mother’s day

  1. beetree says:

    Happy Mother’s Day Ana! Wishing you a day of love and luxury! Lovely vase (and lovely collection of Pyrex peeking out from behind)! ;)

  2. becclebee says:

    what a lovely gift! I’m sure your mum will love it! I hope you get a very special mother’s day – and get spoilt rotten with your feet up! I’m celebrating my first mother’s day tomorrow (although given I’m pregnant, it does feel a tiny bit cheating) – and my lovely hubby started the celebrations early, giving me a big sleep in and breakfast in bed today! Hooray!

  3. Dvora says:

    Hope you had a wonderful mother’s day Ana and were properly spoiled!

  4. beautiful vase! sorry i’ve been mia, i’ll try to catch up on your blog soon!
    i just started a new blog; we’ll see if i keep up with it:

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