this year’s herb garden

this year, i’ve planted basil…

basil herb garden


dill herb garden

and parsley.

curled parsley herb garden

and these perennials have returned again this year, how nice of them: lavender…

lavender herb garden

chives (those bulbs are edible)…

chives herb garden


mint herb garden


 herb garden

rosemary (which i sometimes have to replant, but we had a mild winter and it survived)…

rosemary herb garden

and oregano, not pictured, but click through to see how i use oregano flowers, and how i dry oregano.

all in this space on my deck just outside the kitchen. handy.

small herb garden

i’ve reserved a little spot for cilantro. what’s life without cilantro? :-) i’ve already used the chives on baked potatoes, dill in a salad and dip, rosemary on chicken, oregano in pasta sauce and basil in a sandwich. and my kids munch on mint when out in the yard. i love this time of year.

of course, all this initial gusto leads to an abundance of herbs by mid summer. here is the ever-growing list of things to do with too many herbs, from the archives.

too many herbs

what are you growing this year? feel free to share a link to your blog in the comments, i’d love to have a walk through your green space. and if you don’t have much in the way of space for growing herbs, here’s a nice little post about container planting on the prairie lemon blog.

i’ve also been working on the front yard, pulling weeds (trying not to hurt myself again), and replacing the loss of colour that went when the tulips exited. i’ve planted some hostas and some annuals, petunias in shades of purple orchid…

purple orchid petunia

and salmon.

salmon petunia

as for the veggies, that’s what i’m working on this week.

let me know what’s growing on {snort} with you.

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11 Responses to this year’s herb garden

  1. So fresh & beautiful. Thanks!

  2. okay first…we have the same herbs (except for cilantro because much to my mothers everlasting dismay I DO NOT LIKE cilantro) however we did also get some chocolate mint. what??? yes–chocolate mint. there is such a thing and it smells as heavenly as it sounds. get it.
    second. I totally lol’d at “orchid” because my grandmother NEVER said “purple” it was always “orchid”. and we realized after years that it’s a yarn color/knitting thing. which figures. :) but
    now whenever someone calls purple orchid we laugh and think of gramma. thanks.

  3. Abby says:

    Life isn’t complete without cilantro :) You have a perfect kitchen garden going there! That is on my to-do list still sadly.. this might just be the push I need to do it this weekend.

    • ana says:

      do it! :) there was a very sweet lady at the garden store the other day. she was humming and hawing next to me, looking at all the veggies. we struck up a conversation, and she was so hesitant to make a purchase because there were so many kinds and she said “i don’t know the first thing about planting veggies.” i told her to just go for it, plunk it in the ground, and see what happens. that’s what i do. i saw her leaving the garden store with an armful of plants, and she called over “i’ve got four kinds of tomatoes! we’ll see!” — just go for it!

  4. Tara Benwell says:

    Could my basil be coming back? I can’t remember if it does or not. If not, it’s a weed. :) I planted white and pink petunias this year. We also planted tomatos simply for the beautiful greenery. The veggie part probably won’t come as we don’t have a great spot for them, but I love how leafy they are. :)
    BTW- I caught a documentary on farming last night. I wonder if it was the same one.

    • ana says:

      it was on tvo again last night, so chances are it was the same one. you’ll be a lucky duck if your basil comes back. it’s an annual, so it would’ve had to cross pollinate somehow and then set seed and grow (i think that’s how it goes?)… enjoy your tomatoes. my neighbour plants them in her front yard along with her decorative flowers. she loves the foliage, and the pops of red in late summer.

  5. ~*~ Patty says:

    how did I get so behind in reading your bbb!
    what a healthy and inviting herb patch you have…just my style!

    I have herbs growing in a big ole wooden box…the sage has been there for many years and blooms beautifully
    I still need to replace the flat parsley and marjoram (perhaps my most fav herb!)…I picked up a Borage plant…the blue flowers are beautiful in salads and cold drinks

    OK can you tell you got me excited with your lovely herb post!

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