veggies in the yard, gnome is on guard

the herb garden is doing its thing, giving us loads of goodies…

herb garden

the veggies are in the ground, and i have to wait a bit longer for them to get settled. this year’s veggies include:

  • tomatoes…small cherry, and heirloom red
  • peppers…sweet green and jalapeño
  • lettuce…apparently, this is mostly for giving the earwigs something to munch on so they wont eat the rest of my plants? yeah that’s it. this is my second year trying lettuce and its going about the same as last time… >:\
  • cucumbers

the kids’ little corner of the garden has plants that they picked and planted for themselves 2 years ago: blueberries, strawberries and a rosebush. the roses are blooming well for the first time, and the strawberries have given fruit before, but the birds and critters have gotten to them first. and we have yet to hear a peep out of the blueberries.

mr.madeItSo jigged a little cage out of chicken wire and scrap wood a couple of weeks ago to try and protect that corner of the garden. the kids are so interested in how their plants are doing…

chicken wire to protect berries

the gnome is on 24 hour guard. i will keep you posted.

gnome on guard

 p.s. thanks to cassy for nominating me for a blog award. you can visit cassy’s knitting blog here.

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8 Responses to veggies in the yard, gnome is on guard

  1. Love both of your guards, the cage & the gnome. You just can’t have too many gnomes in the garden!

    We’re trying a dome covered in bird netting this year. Still remains to be seen how that works out but the dog has already managed to run through it once so I’m not holding out much hope that it will foil the squirrels. Next year, chicken wire :)

    • ana says:

      i was going to just throw some netting over the plants, but i think this cage is great and will come in handy for other things too.

  2. Beetree says:

    LOVE the gnome! He’s so cute. :) Some can be a bit scary! The cage is great- hopefully you’ll get a few strawberries now!

  3. Abby says:

    oh i love the chive blossoms, they’re so pretty! Hoping for the best with your new security posse :)

    • ana says:

      thanks abby! i love the blossoms too, such a burst of colour (though they do toughen up the chive stems so we can’t eat that part).

  4. googs says:

    we put in a blackberry bush 3 years ago. this is the first year we’ve gotten flowers and berries.
    maybe they take time?
    so nice of the hubs to protect the kiddos plants ;)

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