happy black-footed ferret day!

what, don’t you have it marked on your calendars?

i first heard about black-footed ferrets when my daughter started saving money to adopt one through the world wildlife fund. since then, she has learned all about them (hence, so have we) and a poster of these ferrets greets me each time i enter her room.

so when i heard that the toronto zoo was having its second annual black-footed ferret day today, of course we had to go.

but first, i made my daughter a shirt for the event…

black footed ferret tshirt bff

{ sharpie marker on a white t-shirt }

times three, one for each kiddo…

black footed ferrets are my bff tshirts bff

alright fine, i’ll wear one too…

black footed ferret day toronto zoo tshirt original

and on the back…

black footed ferret day tshirts back

tips for drawing with sharpie on t’s:

  • place something thick and sturdy inside the t-shirt so that you can draw on a solid surface; this also keeps the marker from bleeding through to the back of the t-shirt. i used an old binder.
  • after you’re done, throw the t-shirt into a dryer, on high for about 20 minutes. this helps set the marker further into the fabric, even though it is permanent marker to begin with.

you can learn more about the black-footed ferrets, how they were considered extinct, and the conservation efforts through world wildlife fund and zoos like ours.

the zoo staff loved the t-shirts and asked if i would consider donating some black-footed ferret artwork for their auction fundraiser.  black-footed ferrets have the sweetest faces… i love drawing them…

black footed ferret drawing on tshirt

{ how could i say no? }

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13 Responses to happy black-footed ferret day!

  1. Jess says:

    I used a sharpie on our Cow Appreciation T-shirts and they did not turn out as well as your Ferret Shirts! They look awesome, Ana!

  2. Corey says:

    Damn, where’s mine?

    You are amazing, Ana.

  3. Vixie says:

    Such cute t-shirts! Love the idea!

  4. beetree says:

    Great idea and picture, Ana! So cool that you get to be a part of that!

  5. Tara says:

    Wow – Amazing, love it so much!

  6. ~*~ Patty says:

    golly jeepers those tees are wonderful!!!

    they look printed and perfectly lovely and fun…
    not sure I would have thought to even try a Sharpie for that

    also enjoying your latest knitting endeavors…you could sell me yarn and I don’t even knit *ggg*

    Happy Friday and a lovely September weekend to you and yours sweet Ana
    p.s. I appreciated your sweet comment on T Tuesdays…I will keep going with it I think

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