bamboo wool socks for the boy

mix and match bamboo wool socks for boys

i may sound like a yarn snob, because i love working with luxurious yarns (who doesn’t?) and prefer natural fibres. and it’s true that good yarn knits up better, you can’t dispute that fact. but i’m really not a yarn snob. would a yarn snob buy red heart eco-ways wool from the shabby shelves at one of the last remaining zellers stores? (zellers is being replaced by target stores here in canada)

the yarn is very soft. it’s a 55% bamboo/45% wool blend, and very sproingy (technical term). it is a worsted medium weight in the dill and twilight colourway…

bamboo wool red heart

{ leftovers }

i used four 3.5mm double-pointed needles, and melissa’s top-down sock recipe altered with continuous ribbing, and mix-and-matched toes. a bit of fun for a six year old boy.

bamboo wool knit socks for boys


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2 Responses to bamboo wool socks for the boy

  1. Estivalia says:

    lovely! I had never heard of bamboo yarn :o

    • imadeitso says:

      on its own, it’s a lot like cotton (not very stretchy, and mercerized) but blended with wool, it seems to add structure without being too stiff. i’m not sure how well it fares with repeated washings, so that remains to be seen.

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