if you knit it, they will come…

…and ask you to make one for them too. here are the socks for my youngest, as he requested.

knit socks for young boy

on a side note, i think children find the act of knitting fascinating. i don’t know if it’s because it’s something that they don’t see often, or because the motions are hypnotic. personally, i think it’s the latter but only because i find the act of knitting absolutely mesmerizing. either way, if i am ever knitting in public where there may be children (like while waiting at lessons, or waiting for an appointment), one or two may wander over to me. some just watch. some may ask questions, like “what’s that?” or “whatchya making?”

lately, my response has been socks. i hope you’re not tired of seeing one sock after another. i’ve finally reached the point where i can knit them fairly easily without thinking too much about each step. it’s a satisfying project. and for little feet, it knits up that much more quickly.

multi coloured socks knit

{ lovely colours }

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10 Responses to if you knit it, they will come…

  1. Estivalia says:

    love the colorful yarn! :)
    I think in this era is so hard to find someone doing anything else than browsing on their smartphones, that it really catches the kids attention.

    • imadeitso says:

      yeah, that could be! though i also remember sitting for hours as a young child, just watching my mom’s knitting needles go click click.

    • Estivalia, that is such a good point! I can not tell you enough how much I have personally complained about this over the years. It has been a huge pet peeve of mine… and yet, sadly, as I have recently discovered the wonders of Instagram, I find myself doing the precise thing I despise! Ugh!

  2. Love the color and perfect for the upcoming cool weather. It has been years and years since I knitted a pair of socks. Although more recently I knitted a hat for my son, but it was way to small, so I unraveled it to start over, still in that process, lol.

  3. Corey says:

    I bet they make great Risky Business socks. :P

  4. beetree says:

    Great socks, Ana! I love the colors together. :) Knitting is still on my list, but so many other things are competing these days…I will get there, though!

  5. The colors are adorable. I’m not a knitter or a crocheter. I tried taking a class with my daughters and I couldn’t even get the slip knot. Pretty pathetic, huh? Oh, just as well. I don’t know that I would ever knit socks if I did have the skill, because I’d be like “don’t you get those socks dirty after it took me, like, for-e-ver to make them!” and they’d all be like “well, whyda make em in the first place, mom?” and then I’d be like “oh forget it, just take em off so I can frame em!” lol! ;0

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