weekend in a nutshell: nature’s palette

one of my favourite things when choosing yarn or fabric for a project is mixing and matching colours, patterns and textures. we went for a hike this weekend, and what i love about this time of year is mother nature showing me just who is boss when it comes to coordinating. she gets all the elements right, every time.


taupe and seafoam





all woven together…


perfect. waterfall

soaking it up. don’t you love fresh fall air?

on a hike

from the archives

“if an artist used those colours of paint to depict a fall scene on canvas, i’d think she was exaggerating…”

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13 Responses to weekend in a nutshell: nature’s palette

  1. Ann says:

    Beautiful shots! I’m not a fan of autumn because it means winter isn’t far behind, but that’s pretty silly of me. I should just embrace the beauty.

    • imadeitso says:

      hi ann, i have similar feelings towards winter. well, i don’t mind it entirely, it’s just when we enter the 5th month of it or so that i get a bit squirrely ;) if i could, i’d wrap myself around autumn’s ankles to make it stay just a little longer.

  2. Corey says:

    I totally agree about how well she coordinates ?

  3. Mother Nature is certainly putting on another lovely show…your outing is captured beautifully in these photos
    Happy October!

  4. beautiful! you are lucky to be surrounded by such a bounty of fiery fall color.

  5. You call out the palette, but your photos all contain absolutely stunning textures! Love them!

  6. 'Joyce' says:

    How beautiful! We are celebrating Spring at our place. Tiny little lime green buds are unfurling, butterflies are dancing and fluttering on the breeze, birds are preening and showing off in front of their mates, others have already found a mate and busily collecting and building their nests. Children swing and run as the sun lingers slightly longer in the afternoon sky each day. We farewell oranges and mandarines, and we welcome new recipes and fresh produce with the beginnings of stone fruits coming through and delish vege. Enjoy the warm colours of fall at your place. xx

    • imadeitso says:

      joyce! always nice to hear from you. i always like how our seasons (and activities) seem to be on the opposite ends of the spectrum. also, i swear, you’re a poet: “Children swing and run as the sun lingers slightly longer in the afternoon sky each day.” thanks for sharing.

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