freebie: printable gift tags for handmade items

here are some gift tags i made. if you like them, you can use them too. click on each image below to open the pdf file to print. i find that the tags look best when printed on textured cardstock, but regular paper works too.

i’ve made a couple of to/from tags…

free printable gift tag knitting

free printable gift tag sewing

and a couple of care tags where you can write washing instructions for that gift you’ll be giving… they better take care of it, because it is taking forever to make, right? or is it just me? next time, someone remind me about the abyss of seemingly zero progress when working with lace-weight yarn.

free printable care tag instructions for hand knits

free printable care tag instructions for hand knits socks

i better get back to the making. i’ll return when the yarn settles.

happy creating, happy gifting!  ~ana

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13 Responses to freebie: printable gift tags for handmade items

  1. Mary Ann says:

    I love them! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Debbie Rondinelli says:

    Ana! What a wonderful gift for us crafters! Thanks for sharing. Your so talented girlie.

  3. oh these are very cute, ana. the care tags are a great idea.

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  5. Ada says:

    Thanks so much for creating these cute tags. My brain was mush in coming up with a design, and a “google” brought me here. Just a suggestion: add a small copyright statement (something like © 2012 to the bottom of each image. You deserve the right to do so! :) Also, I am so much in agreement about the “abyss” of working with laceweight yarn. Also, fingering yarn…groan!

    Happy New Year!!

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  7. Jeanie says:

    Thank you so much for these free gift tags. Do you make crocheted gift tags too?
    I knit and crochet and having a ball of yarn with a crochet hook in it would be great, just a thought.
    Thanks again….Jeanie

    • imadeitso says:

      hi jeanie, thanks for dropping by! i used to crochet more, but it has fallen to the wayside… but great idea for a tag, i will absolutely keep it in mind next time i make some. stay tuned :)

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