easy framed cork board

this is so simple and quick, made from supplies that are available at local craft and dollar stores.

i needed a small cork board for putting up lists, phone #s and those little bits of paper that have a way of flowing through my life. i purchased a basic frame from the two-dollarama store…

dollar store frame cork board

and a package of cork tiles:

cork tiles

i took the backing off the frame (you see where this is going, i’m sure. very easy!)…

back of frame for cork board

if the frame is an easle back (with a small stand that folds out), that part can be removed. if it’s from a dollar store, it will likely be a little too easy to remove. helpful. but i left it in place because it didn’t interfere with hanging the frame.

backing frame for cork board

i removed the matting (though that’s optional, you might choose to keep it in place) and the glass…

glass and matting frame back

and used the piece of paper that came in the frame, as a template for cutting out a piece of cork:

cutting cork to fit frame

i put the cork into the frame and secured the backing on again. the hanger on my frame was this small removable piece:

picture frame hanger removable adjustable

i placed the hanger on the long side of the frame because i wanted the cork board to be wide rather than long, though of course it could go on any side. and that was it. hung it up and ready to go…

cork board framed and hung

a few notes:

* if the frame is slipping around when you use it, place a little bit of sticky tack on each corner to secure it in place.

* my frame wasn’t made of magnetic material, but if it was, you could use magnets around the edge as well.

magnetic frame for cork board

{ these magnets are faking it }

* if you buy a frame with a deep lip, you can use it as a ledge to hold things.

ledge for holding pens on cork board
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5 Responses to easy framed cork board

  1. Tara says:

    LOVE THIS! You’re so clever – there’s never any place to hang the pen except on a string, but this is a waaay better solution!

  2. Corey says:

    Love your list!

  3. Brittany says:

    “easy framed cork board | i made it so.” genuinely makes me personally contemplate
    a tiny bit further. I appreciated every particular piece of it.
    Thanks for the post ,Princess

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