padraig cottage booties: handmade & canadian

my neighbour had her first baby a few weeks ago, and i wanted to get a little something to welcome baby to our ‘hood :)  i came across these at the gift section of my local home hardware store.

now i know how it sounds, buying baby gifts where you buy your furnace filters? well, some home hardware stores have a small section where they sell unique items. most are handmade and many are by local canadian artisans. i love that.

the booties came in a cute cottage gift box…

complete with little windows and door that open and shut.

padraig cottage is a canadian company and you can learn more about them here (no, i am not being compensated for writing about them. i just like sharing nice things when i find them).

do you have a go-to gift for a new baby?

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2 Responses to padraig cottage booties: handmade & canadian

  1. Abby says:

    adorable!!! we have a few stores like that here, I love seeing what’s new

    • imadeitso says:

      thanks abby. i do too, the merchandise is always changing. i’ve been in before and chatted with the lady in charge of that section. she says she visits craft shows and buyers’ conventions to find the latest things. i said it sounded like a great job, and she agreed. but she said it’s very strange buying christmas 2013 items in january, just after christmas is over!

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