sailing along: works in progress…

i’ve still got a lacy scarf on the needles, and another garter stitch one that i knit when i don’t need to concentrate. i’ve pieced together a baby quilt, the top is all done but now i’m having commitment issues trying to find the right backing fabric. so that’s waiting to be finished. today, though, i’m tackling an easy project with more straight stitching. i’m turning a flat sheet into curtains for the boys’ room. i love the little pirate ship motif.

in between it all, i’ve been planning three birthday celebrations. all for one person: my daughter. i’m not sure how that happens, but it seems to happen every year. one get-together with her friends, one low-key one with us on her actual birthday, and one with family from out of town. i’m not complaining, it is busy and it’s my own doing. but i have started taking yoga classes again, and that always seems to help things sail along more smoothly.

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5 Responses to sailing along: works in progress…

  1. Jess says:

    Happy Birthday to J!! :)

  2. three birthday parties every year? what a lucky girl!

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