turning sheets into curtains

i finished those curtains i mentioned previously. the fabric was from a set of sheets with a cute pirate ship motif.

it turns out that the twin sheet cut in half lengthwise and hemmed along that same length results in a pair of curtain panels that are the perfect size for the bedroom window.

i didn’t have to hem the bottom or top of the curtains. i hung the fabric using those rings with clips on them. cheater!

the boys’ bedding now matches the curtains, and i think it’s kinda cute. we have a pull-down shade for blocking the light (which makes no difference to their crack-of-dawn wake up time) so these curtains are purely decorative. i like how the light flows through them.

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5 Responses to turning sheets into curtains

  1. Corey says:

    My mom always used curtain clippies. :D

  2. how funny, i just posted about making curtains the same week you did, and i also used the rings with the clips. not cheating, not cheating at all! good job!

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