summer garden 2013

it’s amazing how things have been growing this year. i almost didn’t plant veggies this year because last year, i’d return from camping to find everything wilting. this summer has been wetter, but not too wet. everything is so lush and green. when i recently returned from our camping trip, i was happy to see everything doing well.

the herb garden before…

and now…

even the parsley is growing well. i’ve always had trouble with parsley in this spot.

the peppers and tomatoes (in a row behind the owls) then…

and now…

mr.MadeItSo snuck into this photo. he was picking a hot pepper for his dinner. and i think i planted too many tomatoes to be honest. i’ll be tying them back to the fence, they’ve grown well out of their cages already.

so much green…

and my new hydrangea plant…

has bloomed!


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9 Responses to summer garden 2013

  1. Julie says:

    Beautiful garden Ana!

    I want to try my hand at herbs and hot peppers next year. That hot pepper looks so yummy! I planted too many tomatoes as well. My first year planting some. I bought two small trays of tomato plants, but didn’t realize that I had a total of 13 plants (including 2 cherry tomato plants)!!! One plant died, but I still have 12 plants! And they are loaded with tomatoes! But they are not yet red. Can’t wait!

    • imadeitso says:

      same here! lots o’ green ones so far. we had quite the storm blow through here the other day, and some of the branches broke in the strong winds. perhaps it’s good i planted too many. enjoy yours! and yes, maybe try some herbs next year.

  2. great fun seeing your before and after photos Ana … mother nature is treating you really well this summer

    I Love growing things

    Happy July ? to you and yours

  3. Corey says:

    Aw, a happy hydrangea for sure! Glad your garden is yielding such treasure. My brandywines are quite out of control as well.

  4. Jess says:

    Wow! Very lush and green! I wish all summers were like this!

  5. Van says:

    My herbs have exploded too, yours are looking BEAUTIFUL. :D So inspires me to keep growing, starting up a phase two. :D

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