what the breeze tells me…

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it’s that time of year now. the bus pulls away, and the quieter space left behind is filled in by the rustling of a cool breeze. as if to remind me that the warmest months are over. my thoughts are in that in-between place now, thinking of all we’ve done, and planning for what lies ahead.

my garden has given us a lot of wonderful herbs, tomatoes and peppers this year. we are planning on making some more garden beds to increase our harvest. yes, i think it’s a “harvest” no matter how big or small your plot (or pot!)

not everything we’ve done was according to plan. in the last month or so, i’ve found myself in a battle i didn’t expect to be fighting. it’s amazing how quickly like-minded people can find each other and work together for something they believe in.

that aside, i continue volunteering at my children’s school. and i’m also exploring some new career options. the nest is empty (well, during school hours!), and i am finding new ways to fill those hours.

through all this, one sure sign of the upcoming autumn season has remained true. if you don’t believe that a breeze can carry a message, you might not understand what i’m about to say. but i hear it loud and clear right now, as i do every year at this time… it whispers to me:

“ana….go knit something!”

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4 Responses to what the breeze tells me…

  1. Jess says:

    your garden plans are amazing!

    • imadeitso says:

      hi jess! thanks. i’m glad i made the map, it was only a couple of years ago and so much has changed since then. i guess the biggest change was losing the old pine tree. it has allowed for a lot more sunlight, and the soil beneath is so different now that there aren’t needles and sap droppings.

  2. wise to heed those messages carried on the breeze especially when moments are your own as the Bluebird bus pulls away dear Ana ;)

    Happy September ?

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