pokemon party

last month, we had a pokemon birthday party for my son. it was fairly easy to put together since there are so many resources online for pokemon images and so on.

i used this website to create printouts of bingo cards.

i laminated the sheets for bingo, but also used the images for other things. i attached some to toothpicks to use them as decorations…

i hid some pokemon characters around the house and we played a treasure-hunt of sorts, playing on the theme of “gotta catch them all.”

i also used the same pokemon bingo card printouts and cut them into strips to make bookmarks for friends.

my daughter got into the action too. she invited her friends over the day before the party, and they made pokemon out of fondant icing. i just gave them the plain cupcakes i’d made, one of the girls brought all the supplies, and they had a very creative afternoon (crafternoon?) …

meanwhile, i got a little carried away and spent a good part of a day painting pokeballs. i know, i know…

you can use an elastic to guide you when painting the balls, but i found that to be a bit fussy and just did them free-hand.

the styrofoam ball absorbed the first coat of paint. it took about 3 coats for the red to look right. i let the coats dry in between. egg cups are handy for this…

i stuck a white styrofoam circle for the button, and hung them up around the house…

and finally, we had one of those flashing red reflectors in the garage. i used some electrical tape and made a pokeball out of it. my daughter stuck pikachu on top to greet guests at the door.

also, after years of having nieces and nephews and then my own kids get into this pokemon craze, i sat down and finally learned how to play the game. well, by “learned” i mean my son explained the rules. you know, the rules which kept changing in his favour as the game progressed.

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8 Responses to pokemon party

  1. tara says:

    oh la la – you throw the BEST parties! Looks like it was a super day :)

  2. Fun Fun Fun
    kids must look forward to coming to a birthday party at your house!

  3. Estivalia says:

    You’re an awesome mom! This brought back memories of me and my sister playing Pokemon as kids, aww (well, I wasn’t SO young, but still loved it lol). I think it was more fun way back when there were only 150 lol

  4. Jess says:

    those are awesome pokemon details!

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