planting garlic

i have never grown garlic, but apparently, fall is the time to get the bulbs into the ground. it makes sense, as most bulbs (tulips, daffodils, anemones, etc.) go in the ground in the fall when the earth is still warm, giving them time to establish their roots.

i purchased a package of heirloom garlic from the grocery store.

it’s the “hard neck” variety. it has a fibrous part in the centre of the bulb, you can see it in the garlic bulb above that has been opened. from inside the packaging…

i broke up the bulb of garlic into individual cloves before planting. this is called “cracking.”

i’ve also heard that you can plant the root end of spring onions (aka “green onions” and “scallions”) and they will re-grow! it seems like a bit of magical garden folklore, but when you think about it, of course it makes sense. i decided to try it out as well…

we added some compost to the garden bed, and raked it evenly. it’s not a big space, maybe two feet by four.

we spaced the bulbs out, 2 inches down into the dirt, and about 4 inches apart.

we planted them with the root side down. same with the spring onions.

we then covered them up with dirt and tucked them in tight for the long winter ahead.

we also made 2 raised cedar beds for veggies, and made a little spot for composting our leaves. it’s just a small cage made out of chicken wire. we’ll be combining the leaf rot compost with our kitchen scraps compost in the spring, in the hopes of having some good rich soil for growing.

i’ll let you know how things grow this spring.

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4 Responses to planting garlic

  1. ooo how exciting…
    your dirt looks so rich and inviting…
    the thought of you harvesting FRESH garlic really makes me smile!

    you know the hard neck that is left after you break away all of the garlic cloves…
    I have been saving them for a while…
    I find them so beautiful and hope to find a way to reuse them in something I make someday … one of my more unusual collections I must admit ;)

    Happy November dear Ana ?

    • imadeitso says:

      thanks patty! i Love that you find my dirt inviting :D i hope the garlic and veggies feel the same way. and you must have the most eclectic assortment in your collection!

      happy november!

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