warm fuzzies… socks off the needles

for my daughter. hard to get a photo when they have been worn and washed a few times already. but here they are…

i used melissa morgan-oake’s directions from her book. read my interview with her here.

i made it using some lovely gift yarn from ages ago (thanks debbie!).

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6 Responses to warm fuzzies… socks off the needles

  1. beautiful socks
    I can imagine why they are favorites already!!!

  2. Debbie says:

    So funny. Here I sit. A quiet moment after the rush of the holiday. My laptop and knitting. So wonderful. I decided to check in on you my friend. I see these beautiful socks and think that yarn looks familiar! It is indeed! You’ve become such a good knitter. Love the socks. Hope all is well. xoxo

  3. imadeitso says:

    oh good eye debbie! i just knit up something else for my daughter using some chunky yarn that will look familiar to you as well. i’m so behind in posting projects here. i’m enjoying the down time with family and catching up on things that have been neglected. speaking of which, i was just cleaning up my sewing room and gave my serger one more try, just to hem up some old towels i’ve cut into smaller rags (you know how the edges just fluff away, i thought it’d be a quick way to clean up the edges). so anyway, all these years and the serger really hasn’t ever done very well and today i had so much trouble with it snagging, tension and rethreading, that a 10 minute project turned into well over an hour’s worth of frustration. i am ready to let it go. i still have my trusty old kenmore sewing machine though, and it’s what i go to for 99% of my sewing. i’m going to pass the serger along to someone who has more patience with its finicky nature, if such a person exists!

    anyway debbie, it’s always nice when you come by! thanks so much and happy new year!

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