citrus-infused vinegar

i’ve placed some citrus peels in vinegar. this vinegar is intended for cleaning around the house, which seems like a lot of work, but i really dislike the smell of vinegar. especially when i use it in a spray bottle and the tiny particles float around in the air. in the past, i’ve tried adding essential oils like tea tree and lavender to cut through the sharp vinegar smell. that works great, but essential oils are not inexpensive, and since the vinegar will mostly just go down the drain, i thought i’d try orange peels and see how that works.

i filled up a jar with vinegar and added orange and clementine peels to it. i’ve read that you can leave it for a few weeks, shake it up once in a while, and the citrus oils eventually come out of the peels. if it all works out, this should act as a degreaser with a fresh citrus scent. let’s see if it works.

anyone tried this yet? let me know how you use vinegar.

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9 Responses to citrus-infused vinegar

  1. No, I have never tried that. You would probably hate me because I buy all of my cleaning products right at the Home Depot… I wish I was cooler like you and tried to make things myself. I have always admired people that do. Good luck!

  2. Corey says:

    Fun experiment. :) I use vinegar for hard water stains and deposits.

  3. oh i’m so curious to hear the results! what a neat idea.

  4. I do a mix: vinegar and some doc brenners…sometimes a squeeze of blue dawn for kicks…if i have it . Throw in some peels (the kids think its great fun) and top off with water . Its in a large spray bottle, and its my go-to all purpose cleaner. Nothing gets my granite counters shinier.
    Also, good to ‘see’ ya again, lady :-)

    • imadeitso says:

      hey lady, nice to see you too! ok, so a few years ago, i did a mix of soap + vinegar and tried different amounts but the soap always precipitated out (white chunks floated around the vinegar). i gave up on it, and then just a few weeks ago, i read another post saying how mixing vinegar with soap (acid with base) cancels each other out. had you heard that? do you get “floaties” in your mix? ah, the chemistry of cleaning…

  5. imadeitso says:

    oh just an update. i’ve been making and using this in spray bottles. i use it to clean up in the kitchen. the oils from the citrus peels seem to help cut through kitchen grease, and the vinegar does its usual vinegary magic. i am still not crazy about the smell, but i think that the fact that i can spray it near food and on work surfaces freely without concern about copious rinsing helps make up for it. still, would be nice if i could maybe infuse it with lavender or something. we’ll see…

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