infinity scarf knit with yarn from a friend

i received one skein of lovely chunky yarn a few years ago. i finally got around to using it all up. i made an infinity scarf (is that the right term for a scarf with the ends attached? technically, it doesn’t have the “infinity” twist…) for my daughter. it is warm and soft, and i wish i’d kept the yarn label because i don’t remember what it is, it was so nice to work with.

i cast on about 150 stitches onto 5mm circular needles, joined in the round, and knit one round, purled one round, alternatively knitting and purling rounds for 13 rounds total (if you’re superstitious, add or subtract a round!). i bound it off very loosely to match the cast-on edge.

the colours remind me of sorbet. summer will eventually come, right? we have freezing rain in the forecast today. stay warm and safe, cuddle up with wool if you’ve got any ;)

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4 Responses to infinity scarf knit with yarn from a friend

  1. Julie says:

    See, there is a reason why people keep stuff. You never know when you might use/ need it!

    The scarf is lovely Ana! You are so talented! I’m working on knitting a baby blanket for my sister. She is having a baby girl, due in May. I have to hurry up! This is my biggest project ever – I’ve only knitted dishcloths and two scarves. Since I’m still a beginner, I’m using a pattern I found on Ravelry – it’s all knit, but using different size needles to create a pattern. So far so good. Except I don’t have much time to knit with my almost 4 month old, Anna. And like you said, freezing rain tomorrow for the Ottawa area, so I’m thinking I’ll keep my daughter and son at home from daycare and Daddy can take the bus to work. Safer that way.

    • imadeitso says:

      hi julie, thank you! i can’t believe anna is 4 months already. enjoy knitting that blanket, what a lovely gift for baby and your sister. the pattern sounds interesting, i’ll have to look it up on ravelry. i’m imadeitso there as well.

  2. JulieB says:

    I think your scarf is a cowl. Before she disappeared, Sarah from Handbags’n’Pigtails really loved them and they featured in several posts :-)

    • imadeitso says:

      hi julieB! i’ve heard them called that before too. i actually had another “cowl” project on here before, and a reader commented that it’s not a cowl because a cowl is a hooded garment that is worn by monks! so… i think it depends on where you’re coming from :) thanks for dropping by.

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