garlic & seedlings: spring 2014

well this is encouraging! remember i planted garlic bulbs last fall?

they were the first thing to pop up this spring.

the chives are right there too, though i know the green onions will take longer to come out of the dirt.

i started everything from seed this year, despite previous failed attempts.  i placed the trays near our windows for natural light.

i didn’t use any special heating or fluorescent lighting, and they’ve done very well. i took them outside this past weekend during the day, to acclimatize them to the outdoors, but the edges of a couple of the tomato seedlings began to curl and die. i think there’s still too much of a nip in the air for them.

{ tomato seedlings and marigolds for companion planting }

i’m anxious to get them in the dirt soon though, as they’re outgrowing their current containers. we’re supposed to have a cooler than usual june and july, so we’ll see how things grow this year.

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