veggies good, doggie food, sunny mood

our veggie garden is booming! here are the raised beds earlier this spring…

and now, the bed on the left…

and right…it’s almost too much!

you might have noticed the hasty addition of chicken wire around the raised beds. it was added to keep this little boy out…

i think he’s planning his own doggie blog… i ate it so.

despite his best efforts, we have been getting lots and lots of fresh greens every day.

it still amazes me that all of this comes from tiny little seeds.

i feel lucky and happy, and having a new furry member of our household is only part of the reason. the sunshine, prospect of fresh wholesome food and more time with family this summer has got me smiling.

enjoy these days. i will be.

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3 Responses to veggies good, doggie food, sunny mood

  1. Corey says:


  2. Sheri says:

    You have a new puppy? Where are the photos?

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