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sunday sketches: people waiting

i’ve been people-watching. people who were waiting, in some form or another. a page from my pocket-sized sketch book.

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goodbye old header…

goodbye old header… hello new! happy spring everyone!

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what do 200 posts look like?

a little like this… my scanner was being fritzy, and i wasn’t able to capture a proper photo of it without a bit of distortion. i thought about going to get a high quality scan done, but you know what? … Continue reading

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facebook profile sketch for my niece

i forgot to share this a while back. i was showing my niece how to use adobe ideas, and she asked if i’d sketch a profile picture for facebook… back to my knitting. i’m halfway done, i just might make … Continue reading

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saturday at the rink & jean jacques sempé

my little sketchbook has been filling up with oodles of doodles of people, doing various things, going about their lives. people i come across while doing whatever it is i’m doing. { edit: just noticed i dated that drawing as … Continue reading

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