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little things that help make a house a home.

citrus-infused vinegar

i’ve placed some citrus peels in vinegar. this vinegar is intended for cleaning around the house, which seems like a lot of work, but i really dislike the smell of vinegar. especially when i use it in a spray bottle … Continue reading

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bringing the outdoors in (but not too much!)

fall is definitely in the air. i’ve brought a bit of it indoors this year, with leaves and branches from around the house gathered on my mantel. i love the textures and colours this time of year brings. i’ve also … Continue reading

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what the breeze tells me…

{ photo originally shared in this post }  it’s that time of year now. the bus pulls away, and the quieter space left behind is filled in by the rustling of a cool breeze. as if to remind me that … Continue reading

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patio pillows

we have a deck in the backyard and the wood seating that is built in has started to crack slightly with age. not enough to replace everything, but enough to make sitting uncomfortable. i’ve been browsing through stores that have … Continue reading

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turning sheets into curtains

i finished those curtains i mentioned previously. the fabric was from a set of sheets with a cute pirate ship motif. it turns out that the twin sheet cut in half lengthwise and hemmed along that same length results in … Continue reading

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