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wordless wednesday: tulip magnolia


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weekend in a nutshell

it was a soggy one. which is fine for the garden, except it delayed my plans to dig out and plant my new vegetable garden (i’m feeling brave and expanding on last year’s garden). the rain is ok though, i’ll … Continue reading

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making cards from printed photos

i’ve been making some cards recently using patterned and plain paper scraps and my brush pens. i had some of my photos developed to use as the image on the card, but i’m not entirely happy with the print quality. … Continue reading

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wordless wednesday

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daffodils on tuesday

flowers in april though not yet for the outdoors bring spring in sooner late day sun beaming through the glass panes and petals makes moments linger… sun setting quickly but daffodils still beaming one moment longer. (hehe, i haiku’d you … Continue reading

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