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our veggie garden is booming! here are the raised beds earlier this spring…

and now, the bed on the left…

and right…it’s almost too much!

you might have noticed the hasty addition of chicken wire around the raised beds. it was added to keep this little boy out…

i think he’s planning his own doggie blog… i ate it so.

despite his best efforts, we have been getting lots and lots of fresh greens every day.

it still amazes me that all of this comes from tiny little seeds.

i feel lucky and happy, and having a new furry member of our household is only part of the reason. the sunshine, prospect of fresh wholesome food and more time with family this summer has got me smiling.

enjoy these days. i will be.

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seedling sale success

well, our new raised beds (made last fall) are now almost full with seedlings. this is a photo just after putting the tomato seedlings in.

it’s almost full now, but there are a few empty spots and i’m not sure yet what i’ll plant there. i’ll probably have a look through the garden store next time i visit. i’ll share the “after” photo of the raised beds another time.

today, my daughter took our extra seedlings and sold them. there were organic and/or heirloom varieties of basil, tomatoes, cucumbers, chives, lettuce, carrots and radishes. the basil was by far the best seller! she set up a table outside, made a sign, and along with the help of a friend, they raised over $55. all of the proceeds will go to the wwf (no, not wrestling, dear children of the ’80s).

she and her friends have had various fundraising events this year (things like bake sales, craft sales) and have donated over $200 so far. it has been an education, for sure — learning about marketing, pricing strategies, teamwork, communication… i’m not sure what their next initiative will be, but the seedling sale was a success. i think the gorgeous day and timing of it all (people out and about, wanting to work in their gardens) helped.

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garlic & seedlings: spring 2014

well this is encouraging! remember i planted garlic bulbs last fall?

they were the first thing to pop up this spring.

the chives are right there too, though i know the green onions will take longer to come out of the dirt.

i started everything from seed this year, despite previous failed attempts.  i placed the trays near our windows for natural light.

i didn’t use any special heating or fluorescent lighting, and they’ve done very well. i took them outside this past weekend during the day, to acclimatize them to the outdoors, but the edges of a couple of the tomato seedlings began to curl and die. i think there’s still too much of a nip in the air for them.

{ tomato seedlings and marigolds for companion planting }

i’m anxious to get them in the dirt soon though, as they’re outgrowing their current containers. we’re supposed to have a cooler than usual june and july, so we’ll see how things grow this year.

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saturday morning: scribble game with the kids

one person scribbles. the other person finds and draws a picture within the scribbles.

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wordless wednesday: sprouting


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