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this year’s herb garden

this year, i’ve planted basil… dill… and parsley. and these perennials have returned again this year, how nice of them: lavender… chives (those bulbs are edible)… mint… tarragon… rosemary (which i sometimes have to replant, but we had a mild … Continue reading

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basil on… anything

i put basil on just about anything. i can hardly count what i’m sharing below as a “recipe” but i love making them because there are no rules and they are quick and tasty. i take a whole grain baguette … Continue reading

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basil and other words that trip me up

my train of thought gets a little off track when i think of the word basil. i don’t know what it is, but there are a few words in the english language which have never come easily. paisley is another one. … Continue reading

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seedlings & ramblings: walk with me in my garden…

i have a little spot in my backyard where i grow herbs. it’s a tiny 2’x2′ patch roughly, and i grow chives, mint and oregano there. it comes up every year on its own, amongst the tulips and grape hyacinth … Continue reading

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