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what’s so bunny? (400th post)

remember this little (big) bunny? he or she has been busy… and speaking of being, um, productive… as i came to post this, i noticed this is my 400th post. kinda cool how time (and words) can fly. thanks for … Continue reading

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final harvest

the temperature has been tickling the freezing point in the evenings. and i think my little garden has given me everything it’s going to give me this year. which has been quite a lot. the final harvest, gathered this morning. … Continue reading

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woah oregano! or, 16 things to do with too many herbs

so i have a lot of herbs from my garden right now. and it got me wondering what i could do with it all… 1. wash and tie them up in bunches, hang to dry. 2. share them with neighbours … Continue reading

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no, this is not about fans of the grateful dead. but i know one such fan (ahem, you know who you are) who also “deadheads” her tulips. deadheading is pruning or removing the flower after it has wilted. this is … Continue reading

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little discoveries: new plants, old friends and a new visitor…

i can’t believe it is june already. we’ve spent a good portion of the spring outdoors. partly because my littlest one loves to be outside.  after pleading for “cheewios,” the next request is usually “backyawd?” and also, we’re having some … Continue reading

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