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snow in june

a little bittersweet isn’t it? the first day of summer marks the longest day of the year. so hooray for summer’s arrival! but you better enjoy every moment, because tomorrow, the days get incrementally shorter and shorter, collectively dragging the northern hemisphere towards … Continue reading

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kids made it so: a simple gift for teacher

we usually give consumables as teacher gifts. i imagine that most teachers are inundated with “stuff” each year, so our go-to gifts are usually gift certificates to teacher supply stores, their favourite package of tea or coffee, or something along … Continue reading

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bird feeder update: look who got busted!

look what i saw in the birdfeeder i just wrote about yesterday. the feeder was swaying where it was hanging on the branch… i got a little closer to inspect… “chippie”  (the chipmunk). startled, chippie ran out of the birdfeeder, but … Continue reading

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monday morning mail…

it’s always nice to take a break and be away from the computer for a while, which is exactly what i did this weekend. it’s even nicer to return and have some really nice messages waiting. here is one from … Continue reading

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