a few decorated eggs (or why i need a license to carry a glue gun)

first of all, thank you for the responses, personal stories and links about how you prep eggs before decorating. there were also some great ideas for creations without using actual eggs. check it out if you missed it. you’re all a bunch of clever ducks, and i enjoyed reading your enthusiastic and helpful comments.  i knew i was asking in the right place :-)

~ * ~

i was thinking about this the other day. this year, with easter being so late in the year and with the weather being so nice, i thought it might be fun to have an outdoor egg hunt.

then this past sunday, as if on cue, there was a blizzard. now technically, environment canada defines a “blizzard” as being:

… characterized mainly by strong winds — specifically, winds that are expected to reduce visibility to 400 meters or less in combination with falling snow for at least four hours.

well yes, my visibility was reduced. all i could see was red. and in my book, if the snow is coming in horizontally…it’s a blizzard.

so anyway.  here are a few eggs i made in defiance using some unconventional materials and decorative eggs found at the craft store. they’re part of the egg hunt we’ll be doing (outdoors, weather permitting), where these ones will be a special find. i haven’t sorted out all the details yet, this easter bunny likes to fly by the fluff of her cottontail.

egg with snowflakes

{glue gun + mirrored snowflake confetti}

glue gun and buttons on egg

{glue gun + buttons}

glue gun and paper flower confetti

{seriously, someone take the glue gun away + paper flowers}

i can haz gloo gun mouse egg

{glue gun + pompom ears + sharpie marker + brown florist wire for tail}

you can also découpage fabric onto the eggs. i used white glue, and whatever image spoke to me at the time…

cute little kitty chasing yarn

{cute kitten with a ball of yarn}

glass of martini

{glass of martini…what? don’t judge me. the winters are long.}

those were just a bit of fun, but honestly?  i’ll be sticking to the classic methods of boiling and dyeing eggs. i love the marbled effect of dyeing with onion skins.

onion skin dyed easter eggs with food colour dyed eggs in background

{and not just because they look fabulous in vintage pyrex!}

also, please note that there will not be an archive dive this friday, but back to the usual next week.

have a great weekend!

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15 Responses to a few decorated eggs (or why i need a license to carry a glue gun)

  1. heather says:

    i love all of them, but the martini one is pretty awesome:)

  2. ~*~Patty says:

    Hoping the Easter Bunny gets to hide the eggs for you all and that that was your last blizzard of the season…those are some cute eggs Ana!
    Our boys loved nothing better than an egg hunt…we would do it again and again…they liked hiding the eggs for us too (same eggs) and usually made it quite challenging.
    I remember doing this as a girl too and one “real” egg was forgotten and spent quite a long time in the garden…once discovered we decided to chuck it from one end of the garden to the next and we could still smell it…wish I could remember just how long it was ripening heehee
    Enjoy * Enjoy…we will be having a Swiss Easter…there is a first time for everything :)

  3. Ann says:

    Happy weekend to you too! The martini egg gets my vote – no judgement from down here where it’s been the oddest weather this century – but they’re all pretty sweet.

  4. 'Joyce' says:

    Hullo Ana, oh they are beautiful. Hmm martini egg number 1, but I just cannot go past a kitten, yarn or bling, so the kitty and the bling snowflakes are a very close second, actually they would be twins for me. lol. Thanks so much for sharing your lovely glue gunning experiences. I get a little bit excited when I see your blog pop to the top of my list, telling me you have a new post. I love stopping by here, such a happy, hug is how it feels to visit you here. Hippity, hoppity Easter at your place. And lots of fun with the hiding and squeeling and discovering.

  5. Angela says:

    What fun! Glue guns keep the world together, you know. There are some adult women I know who have NEVER used a glue gun! Can you imagine?!?!?

    Love your eggs! Wishing you a wonderful Easter weekend!

  6. marci says:

    i really like the snowflake one…but i’ve always had a thing for disco balls. (i don’t share that bit of info often…lol…but it’s true! have a lovely easter, mama ana!)

  7. Cessie says:

    Those are awesome Ana! I really hope you get to do an outdoor hunt…I have to admit, we have a lot of eggs to dye this year…I bought (are you ready?!) 10 dozen! Last year, we did 5 dozen, but with 5 kids, the little ones didn’t even get a dozen to hunt. Sooo, we up the ante this year…better get to boilin’! Happy Easter!!!

  8. Estivalia says:

    have a nice Easter, Ana! :)
    (as for us, we haven’t seen Easter eggs in years :U)

  9. Corey says:

    Hah hah! The mousie is my favorite. Gonna try the natural dyes this weekend, I think.

  10. Jess says:

    I’m surprised you haven’t run out of glue sticks yet :)

  11. Love them! The LOLKatz one though really cracked me up. Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  12. imadeitso says:

    thank you for all your wonderful comments. you guys are incredibly positive and fun, thanks for taking the time to visit and share.

    (i should admit i’ve never actually had a martini. that was a j.crew print i had in my fabric stash from some pillow covers i made ages ago.)

    thanks again everyone. if you get a moment, please pop by tomorrow. i have a little something to share.

  13. Lindsay Ann says:

    Especially the button one! :)

  14. Van says:

    I love all of these! I miss my childhood enthusiasm for decorating Easter eggs! I spent my Easter Weekend in Sin City and actually forgot about the whole thing…oops…

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