finished: lace sweater for mom

one last knit gift that i was working on before the holidays. it has been given, so i can finally share it here…

is it bad to say i love it? because i do.

it was knit seamlessly from the top down, with the sleeve stitches held on scrap yarn and finished in-the-round on double-pointed needles. (for the non-knitters amongst us, or for those just starting, you can read my primer, knitting 101, to decipher my knitting gibberish.)

the last part was the hardest, finding buttons to match the mood i wanted for the sweater: elegant, but not overly formal. since it’s knit in a cotton blend, with 3/4 sleeves, it’s more of a spring-summer sweater. i can see it worn over a t-shirt with jeans, or dressed up a little and worn over a flowy dress. i found these buttons at my local yarn store. i almost went with some hand-carved wooden ones, but i think they would have been too casual.

if the sweater looks familiar, it’s an adaption from elizabeth zimmerman’s february sweater. a couple of years ago, i knit the same sweater in a smaller size for my daughter.

i included a little bit of the yarn along with the gift, just in case anything should need mending in the future, if a button falls off, etc… i also included care instructions on the label.

the details for this pattern can be found on my ravelry.

~ * ~

as an aside, and on a related note about care tags, thanks to all who visited from knitting paradise to check out my printable gift tags. an extra special thanks for those who left a message or two, and who signed up for email notifications. i don’t blog by any firm schedule, so i think that’s the easiest way to follow along. and as suggested, the next time i make a batch of labels, i’ll try doodling a tag just for all the crocheters out there.

in the meantime, if you’re on ravelry, i follow back… i love seeing all the woolly creativity. and if you haven’t seen them, click the sheep below to see my ravelry placeholders. yours to use as well… 

alright, one last thing i promise. since i’m sharing links (i really need to re-organize this place so it’s easier for you to find things… it’s on my to-do list), and with february around the corner, here are those valentine’s day sentiments for the knitters in your life. just a bit of fun. click through here :) 

see more here.

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10 Responses to finished: lace sweater for mom

  1. Jess says:

    Oh, Ana… that is gorgeous!!

  2. Nancy S says:

    Wow. Just wow. I have always admired those who could knit such beautiful airy things. I love it!

  3. Tara says:

    Such a pretty colour! She must’ve loved it :)

  4. ~*~ Patty says:

    Oh how perfectly lovely … I bet it is a joy to wear too!
    such a beautiful gift!

  5. ~*~ Patty says:

    also wanted to say
    VERY pretty in both colors!

  6. Sheri says:

    Another fabulous project! Your mom must have been so pleased. I love
    your scarf, too. What skill, what patience!

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