under the weather, dusting off…

dusting off the snow… dusting the cobwebs, too, off my neglected little blog.

i’ve been fighting a battle of sorts and we’ve had some recent success. and while it has been a good exercise in activism, bringing me in touch with some great people in the community, it has also been consuming. my remaining time and energy has been devoted to my kids and everything that that entails around the home, school and family.

the making continues. i dusted off my sewing machine recently, quite literally. took it apart and dusted out all the bits, and oiled it up. then i sewed a new cover for the machine so it wouldn’t get into such a state again. i made the cover using remnant marimekko fabric from this project.

i’ve become quite comfortable with making bread and it has become a routine i look forward to. it just feels like the most wholesome, basic, rewarding thing i can do right now. mr.MadeItSo got me a fantastic henckels bread knife for my birthday. it has made such a difference to slicing bread, i can make the slices so thin now, and it doesn’t crush the bread at all. hooray for great tools that can last a lifetime.

i’ve got a few projects on the needles. and i’m planning our planting for our new raised beds this spring. do i start the seeds indoors? how? most importantly, where? i have no idea, but i hope to figure it out.

space is feeling tighter than ever, with the kids growing bigger. i feel like i’ve expended all my decluttering and space-saving know-how (“think vertical!” —  i think we’ve run out of vertical). it doesn’t help that the walls in this house feel closer than usual in winter, when we don’t have the backyard as another room to enjoy. and with the front hall  even more cluttered with piles of boots,  coats, mitts and hats in addition to the usual backpacks on the hooks, i find it takes so much energy to just accept it as the way things are in a small house with five people. but spring will be here soon and i should at least have a plan for that room outdoors.

in the meantime, i’m trying to enjoy what is right now. as uncomfortable as that may be at times. early mornings at the bus stop with winds chilling the temps to -30C (-22F) and even lower. but i’m thankful for snow. for wool.  for hills nearby.

and for friends who deliver piping hot homemade lasagne, because they know you’re feeling under the weather. thanks S. i hope to be over the weather soon.

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8 Responses to under the weather, dusting off…

  1. Tamara says:

    Oh, how I’ve missed your blog and you. This post reminded me that it’s okay to take breaks. I hope you’re feeling better soon. I’m currently making a loaf of French bread after overhearing my kids talk about how Mama’s bread is their favourite thing to eat. I guess I could use a cool bread knife! BTW Do you have cool labels for your own storage bins? It makes all the difference!;)

  2. Tara says:

    Apparently auto correct changed my name to Tamara.

    • imadeitso says:

      good ol’ auto correct. mmm french bread, we should swap recipes. and no, i don’t have cool labels like you! i really should make some more. at the very least i should share the ones i made for you. so glad you’re enjoying them tamara!

  3. Jess says:

    I was wondering how my northern friend was dealing with the polar vortex. Hang in there, Spring is on its way, I hope!

  4. Not sure how you mange with those MINUS degrees…
    we are having a “real” winter here in Virginia and it is cold but not that cold…brrr

    I also admire you for all you accomplish…
    not sure I would have been able to give attention to a blog when our boys were still young…having an empty nest I manage to keep one going…

    take care Missy and hope you are feeling much much better…

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