a little about me

my name is ana. i like to make things. sometimes, i make things, take pictures of them, and share them here. other times, i see things others have made, and i’m inspired by them. i may share those things here too.

i have a soft spot for history and the everyday details of how things used to be. the story behind something is intriguing to me. even if i don’t know all the details, it’s fascinating for me to hold something and imagine the people and circumstances that once surrounded it.

most of my energy goes into my three children, my family and home. i try and carve out some time each day to create, whether it’s knitting, sewing, drawing, writing, cooking, gardening, decorating or just taking photos to try and capture a smidge of it before it is gone.

some days are harder than others, when all i can manage to create is a big ol’ mess :-)

they say life is what you make of it…this is how i made it so.

~ * ~

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